03_PhotographersThe exhibition shows 78 amazing pictures of Havana’s days and nights. Three photographers discover the city from most different angles: Milenko, a professional from Austria who has his roots in Serbia, Mario, a professional from Havana and Karl, an Austrian photographer and expert on Havana. For three days they roam through Havana capturing their impression with their cameras. In between they meet, share their experiences and set out again on separate ways. What they are after is the varied life of Havana with its many faces. With 26 color photos and 52 B/W photos they catch its streets and squares crowded by people who all have their eventful and touching stories to tell.

Above all they are after the present, a present projected against a background marked by the city’s history. The result is not a mere art exhibition, nor a journey report or a documentation in pictures – but it is a bit of everything. Fascinating snapshots meet high demands on photography from an artistic as well as documentary point of view. The exhibition design underlines and supports the representation of a multilayered reality.


Content and design of this exhibition about Havana’s days and nights