… from Stone  Age to Present Times


After the successful traveling exhibitions ‘Ötzi – The Iceman’ and ‘We call them Vikings’, A new project by studio exhibit!

This time their scientific and high quality traveling exhibition for museums and science centers is about the multifarious rites of mourning and customs of farewell to the dead.

‘Between Life & Death – Rites of Farewell’ connects life and death. Death signifies separation, loss, and the end of a relationship. Sorrow is the price human beings pay for their emotional capacity to form relationships. Death is biological, but the emotional handling of the inescapable reality of dying, is a cultural effort. Rites and customs of farewell to the dead are diverse and often exceptional.

‘Between Life & Death – Rites of Farewell’ shows, through exhibits from archaeology, European and non-European ethnology, modern art, and by means of audio installations and dance, a wide range of mourning rites.
Renown museums and notable institutions have made a range of significant and eye-catching items available on loan which all bear witness to the millennia- and globe-spanning human quest for consolation from death.

A modern, expressive, and subtle design enhances the emotional impact of the exhibition, but also offers exciting entertainment. Individual hands-on- and multimedia-elements, carefully chosen for their thematic suitability, make the visit to the exhibition also a vivid sensory experience.

A team of renowned scientists from psychology, anthropology, archaeology, contemporary history, medical ethics, European and non-European ethnology, and a funeral orator, all contribute to strengthening the seriousness of the exhibition.

At ‘Between Life & Death – Rites of Farewell’, the visitors get to experience a variety of farewell- and death-rituals, and also to better appreciate their own part in the life cycle of humankind.
‘Between Life & Death – Rites of Farewell’ is about all of us, and affects us because we all share the same destiny as human beings.

This is a project in progress, with an earliest opening date in 2021 and the possibility to rent it till 2027 – 2028.
For the most recent state of affairs please visit www.travelingexhibition.com

Projektlogo: model: And in // face panting: Jamila Moroder // foto: studio exhibit

Video with a bird’s eye view of this high quality exhibition

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